What Makes A Good Whiskey Bar In Saint Paul?

Some people in Minnesota really love their whiskey. So, finding a good whiskey bar in Saint Paul is essential. If you do not know what to look for in a whiskey bar near Minneapolis, you may be left feeling disappointed and confused. At The St. Paul Grill, we have everything you need to fall in love with a whiskey bar and we pride ourselves on being the best bourbon bar in Saint Paul.

First Impressions

First impressions are key when you walk into a bar. The way that a bar is set up will speak volumes about the establishment’s values. A good whiskey bar sets the tone immediately and welcomes you warmly.

The St. Paul Grill features an impressive brass and mahogany detailed bar. Best of all, we keep it stocked with the finest selection of wines and rare spirits. Our thoughtful, curated whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and spirits lists make The St. Paul Grill the best bourbon bar near Minneapolis.

Whiskey Selection

A real whiskey bar is a celebration of whiskey in every form. While it is possible to be a good whiskey bar with only a small selection of spirits, the more diverse the selection, the better. With the broad range of options offered at The St. Paul Grill, you certainly won’t be disappointed when you browse our spirits lists. Whether you are a casual drinker or a sophisticated connoisseur, you will find what you are looking for at The St. Paul Grill. Give us a call today at 651-224-7455 to learn more.