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How to Choose A Wine With Your Meal

When it comes to pairing wine with food, many people are intimidated. But at a wine bar in Saint Paul like The St. Paul Grill, there is no need to feel scared or to struggle. Our unpretentious and knowledgeable bartenders, servers, and sommeliers will guide you to your perfect pairing, and make finding a wine to complement your meal an easy and enjoyable experience. 

The Basics

Although there are thousands of varieties, countless classifications, and all kinds of rules, wine can be broken down into two main categories — red and white.

From there, you can go granular. Dry or fruity, oaked or aged in steel, on-the-lees, country, region — the list goes on, and on, and on. The study of wine, or viticulture, can become a lifelong pursuit. And for the bartenders, servers, and sommeliers at a wine bar near Minneapolis like The St. Paul Grill, it often is.

When visiting a wine bar in Saint Paul, guests should feel empowered to ask the staff for recommendations and inquire about menu options. These bartenders and servers are passionate professionals — highly skilled in their craft and always happy to help a curious customer!

Similar Flavors


If you’d like to order wine to complement your dinner without having to ask anyone for help, keep it simple by keeping it similar. The easiest way to pick a wine that will go well with your dish is to find similar flavor profiles in the dish and in the wine.

For instance, if you’re planning to enjoy a fresh, lemon-based pasta or chicken dish, try a crisp and fruit-forward Pinot Gris or a citrusy and light Sauvignon Blanc.

More Spice, Less Alcohol

If you’re at a wine bar near Minneapolis and craving spice, find a wine with a lower ABV (alcohol-by-volume). Because the oils in spicy foods are accentuated by alcohol, an off-dry wine like a Riesling, Rose, or ripe Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with spicier selections.

Pairing Wine with Meat

When meat is on the menu at a wine bar in Saint Paul like The St. Paul Grill, choosing a wine to pair with your protein can be confusing. Sticking to a few reliable varieties — such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Malbec — is a safe and simple way to perfectly pair red meat with wine. When enjoying lighter proteins like poultry, fish and pork, pay attention to the sauce and spices in the dish, and pair from there!

The St. Paul Grill, with its award-winning wine list and passionate, professional service staff, will help you find the perfect wine pairing for your meal — making every visit an exceptional experience.


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