The Best Seafood Restaurant in Saint Paul

Not all fish restaurants are created equal, in spite of what the advertisements and commercials would have you believe. For those looking to enjoy the tried-and-true classics, a chain seafood restaurant in Saint Paul may be sufficient. However, a great seafood restaurant near Minneapolis like The St. Paul Grill gives guests elegant, delicious fish and seafood dishes in addition to the steaks and chops we are known for.


At The St. Paul Grill, we believe that heart and passion are the two most important ingredients in the best fish restaurants near Saint Paul. Our seafood chefs have a true affinity for palate-pleasing combinations to elevate everyday seafood selections. We are dedicated to our craft and go above and beyond every day and for every guest.


We use only fresh, high-quality ingredients to really make our meals shine. We make finding fresh proteins a priority to ensure we only serve the best.


Pan-seared scallops and plank-roasted salmon are delicious entrees and beloved classics. At The St. Paul Grill, we focus on building the most exciting ingredient combinations to tantalize your taste buds and take you on a flavorful journey.

If you are ready to take that journey with us, give us a call to make your reservation today at The St. Paul Grill at 651-224-7455.